Bellingham, Washington

Whatcom County, WABellingham is Whatcom County’s largest city, with a population of over 85,000 people.  Bellingham sits on Bellingham Bay, and opens into the Strait of Georgia and is the northernmost city in the United States. Being that it is just 100 miles north of Seattle, it shares the same weather, with a little less annual rainfall.

Bellingham has a culture of outdoor recreation, abundant attractions and beautiful scenery. With Whatcom Falls, Lummi Island, Lake Padden, numerous trails for hiking, biking, and lakes for boating, the outdoorsy types are in a great place to explore. For city lovers you have the amenities of a larger city without the large city population.

Bellingham is fitness friendly with diverse neighborhood styles and the school systems are highly ranked. It also house many private schools. There are a mix of families and working singles that make up of the majority of the population. The average people that reside and work in Bellingham work for the government, being there is not much of any particular industry. Otherwise residents commute to Seattle for work. The housing industry has had it’s highs and lows. Although Bellingham is much more affordable than Seattle, the inventory of homes has decreased, driving up the prices slightly. The median home sales price is $247,750.

The Median annual household income is $47,648, while the average annual income is $61,925.

Bellingham over all tends to be at or below average in crime, versus the national crime rate. It is a great option for young families, active folks and those looking to enjoy local business….including craft beer.  There are many independent breweries throughout Bellingham.



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