Lummi Island

Lummi Island, located at the southwest corner of Whatcom, is a quaint, historic little island to adventure to when living or visiting Bellingham or Whatcom County.  With just a short ferry ride over to Lummi Island, you have a variety of events, activities,  a thriving art community and beautiful places to explore.

We love to take a little two to three day trip over to Lummi to hike, explore the beautiful shores and taste a little wine.

Whether your a Washington native, visiting, or just moving to the area, Lummi Island is a great relaxing getaway with shorelines to explore and naps to take.  There are not bars, clubs, shopping extravaganzas, or tons of restaurants, but there are friendly people and a quiet paradise to take advantage of.

How to get there:

A quick 6 minute ferry will deliver you to the 9 mile, 1000 resident island. You can take you rcar, bike or yourself for anywhere from $7 to $13.

What to do:


Ride a bike, take a hike, or go for a stroll on the shore

Take an Art Studio Tour…Memorial Day and Labor Day. A variety of artists showcasing their work at many locations throughout the island.

Taste Wine..Visit Legoe Bay Winery or Artisan Wine Gallery, or Both!

Where to stay:

Willow Inn (dining available at the Inn), Nettles Farm

Please keep in mind that Lummi Island is small. There is a general store and a few places to eat, but think about bringing some of your own supplies.  When you need to escape chaos and enjoy some peace and quietness, visit Lummi Island.


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